The BORON AMCORAGGI Company is in the van from many years in the National territory in the pre-stressing and post-stressing sector. The dimension of the company and its care to the requirements of a market in continuous expansion, allow to satisfy the requirements of each customer.
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BORON ANCORAGGI means a long experience in the manufacturing and installation of accessoires for pre-compressed reinforced concrete used for industrial buildings and roads.
Highly trained personnel assures a constant and effective yard service.
To keep step with time, the BORON ANCORAGGI Company has been improved and modernized with the acquisition of modern technologies.
The factory of Marano Ticino (No), placed on an area of 70.000 about square meters produces:

A) Blocking for pre-stressing tracks.
B) Anchorage assembly with pre-compression B))Boron system.
C) Hydraulic power units and hydraulic cylinder for C))stressing.
D) Hydraulic power units and hydraulic jacks for D))relaxation.
E) Manual pumps for small interventions.
F) Anchorage ties for rockys and alluvial grounds.
G) Patented Meardi ties.
The Boron Ancoraggi Company works in the pre-compression sector for a wide typology ofstructures, prefabricated bridges sections, prefabricated beam bridges, civil and industrial structures.
Besides it executes liftings of complete structures, ties and piles testings, hydraulic power units and jacks calibration, selling and appiications of Unbonded strand.
Our engineering office is at customer disposal for applications, studiesand projects.

BORON ANCORAGGI srl - 28040 Marano Ticino (Novara) - ITALY - Tel. 0321 923342 - Fax 0321 923327 -
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